Where can AirTag be used Top 7 Things You Can Track

Since Apple introduced the AirTags, one question has been playing on everyone’s mind. Where can airtag be used? The most significant reason to get an AirTag is to find a lost object, device, or key.  A small button-shaped tracking device with glossy white on the front can be customized with engraving on a silver backing. AirTag is designed around the CR2032 battery and requires other accessories to attach to the item.

We have compiled a list of scenarios to answer where can airtag be used. Let us discuss them.

Attach an AirTag to your baby

Babies do not sit still. In other words, you need to keep an eye on them. It is challenging if parents work from home, attend zoom meetings or complete other tasks around the clock. In that case, you may not have enough time to track your kid’s location all the time.

Attach AirTags to your baby’s stroller or clothes to track your baby’s movements 24 hours a day. It can accurately measure the distance between your baby and your iPhone and bring you the exact location. This technology allows you to track your lost children accurately.

Attach to your tech devices

Do you have a Kindle, GoPro camera, or portable game device? If you have enough space, you can place AirTag on any device and find it when you forget where you last used it. For other equipment, the AirTag holders can be used.

Find lost car and come keys

We are all in that situation and have to spend hours looking for the home or car keys. With AirTag, you can easily find your lost home or car key in few minutes.

Open the Find My app on your iPhone and use Apple Maps to track the keys. You can also use AirTag speakers to produce sound. The battery life is “1 year or more”, after which the battery can be replaced. That may be the most common use case for AirTag.

Track your car

Many cars have built-in GPS trackers, which makes them redundant, but it may be a good idea if you forget where you parked the car. You can find the car by activating the “Find My app” on your iOS device and walk up and down the parking lot.

Insert AirTag into the wallet

Unless your wallet is thin, you should attach the AirTag to coins storage or the card section. With the help AirTag, you will never lose your wallet again.

Do you fear that someone will steal your wallet on the street? You need to use the Find My app to track your device before the thief can empty your wallet. Do not use the alarm function because it will warn a thief. Keep track of your wallet and notify the authorities about the theft.

Find TV remote

You can also attach an AirTag on the remote control often lost, but this is a bit awkward. Remember, it is 8 mm thick. Unfortunately, the new Siri remote for Apple TV does not use “Find My.” (On the other hand, Apple’s competitor Roku just released Voice Remote Pro with a remote finder function.) We hope that third parties will provide a new Apple TV remote case with built-in AirTag support.

Use with drone

If you own a drone, you know it provides some information about its location, but it is mostly inaccurate. If you use this information to know where it is, you can use AirTag to get precise information. However, the weight of AirTag is 11 grams; if your drone can hold, then it will be a smart move.

We hope after reading this article you have got the answer to “where can airtag be used?”

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