Top 5 surprisingly practical uses for apple airtags

Since Apple launched the AirTags, many people have had one thing on their minds – what is the use of the AirTags?

AirTags are a lifesaver for people who have a weak memory and lose things easily. There are many possibilities and many use of the AirTags that can make your life much easier and simplify finding lost items. Whether you want to find your car in a crowded parking lot, make sure your cat doesn’t roam into the neighbourhood, or want to keep track of your luggage, AirTags can help you with all this.

So what can you use the AirTags for? Here are five situations in which an AirTag might be useful.

1. Find Lost Car and Home Keys

Home Keys attach the airtag

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve spent hours looking for a house or car key. In a matter of minutes, an AirTag will locate a missing car or house key.

All you have to do is open the Find My app on your iOS device and use Apple Maps to hunt down the keys. You may also create a sound with the AirTag speakers. The battery of the AirTag lasts for over a year, after which it may be replaced by the customer. Users adding AirTag to a keyring with their car or home key is likely to be the most common usage case.

2. Find Lost or Stolen Wallet

There is another situation in which you might reclaim your valuables from a robber. You can put AirTag in your purse and forget about it because of its tiny size and simple configuration. If your wallet happens to be lost, just open the Find My app and tell the AirTag to ring the alarm.

Have you had your wallet stolen recently? You can use the Find My app to trace your wallet before the robber goes ahead and empties all your cash. Don’t use the alarm inadvertently to warn the robber. Track your wallet quietly and report the robbery to the police.

However, due to the design of the AirTag, it would not fit well in slim wallets. The AirTag can protrude quite a bit in slender pockets, but this use case is perfect for backpacks and ladies’ purses.

3. Add AirTag to Your Backpack

If you always lose your backpack in cafes or at college, AirTag is the best accessory to help you find it. An AirTag inside your bag can seem odd, but if your wallet is always in your bag, you may as well put an AirTag there too. Not only will you hardly lose your bag ever, but if it is lost, it can also be tracked and found in the matter of some time.

4. Add AirTag to Your Airport Luggage

Luggage attach the airtag

Most people can relate to this one. Losing luggage in the airport is one of the most common problems that people face while travelling, either because of the irresponsibility of the airport staff or the laziness of the people themselves. With the help of an AirTag, people can easily track their luggage in the airport and find their luggage through the Find My app if it has been lost. You can also use the AirTag’s alarm report function in the luggage claim area to easily find your baggage without any hassle.

5. Fit an AirTag to your dog’s collar

 Fit an AirTag to your dog's collar

Does your dog wander off to places without your permission? If yes, attaching an AirTag to your dog’s collar is the best way to track your dog and get it back safely. There are rarely any collars in the market in which you can slip in an AirTag, so it is suggested to attach an AirTag to a keyring and then attach that keyring to your dog’s buckle. Also, you don’t have to worry if your dog is a water lover and jumps around in puddles because that won’t damage the AirTag, and it will still be able to track your dog. The AirTag has IP67 water resistance to easily survive in water up to one meter for 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

AirTags are the perfect accessory to find your lost things easily or to track your pets. The uses mentioned above were only a few among the numerous uses of an AirTag. So what are you waiting for? Buy an AirTag and never lose a thing again!

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