Stone P10 Pro

Stone P10 Pro: Revolutionizing Home Cleaning with Enhanced Performance and Smart Innovations

In the current trend of smart home appliances, one of the most popular products is undoubtedly the robotic vacuum cleaner. With its affordable price, user-friendly operation, and effective cleaning performance, it has become a standard appliance in more and more households.

Today, we have received a brand-new robotic vacuum cleaner product – the Stone Self-Cleaning Sweeping and Mopping Robot P10 Pro. As a leading brand in the cleaning industry, Stone Technology has consistently addressed consumer pain points, frequently creating popular products. The P10 Pro continues the classic features of the P10 series while undergoing multi-dimensional upgrades in configuration and user experience, providing consumers with a “cleaner, smarter, and more worry-free” robotic vacuum cleaner.

Upgraded Cleaning Power Lives Up to the “Pro” Name

For robotic vacuum cleaners, cleaning power is often directly related to suction. Therefore, suction power is a hardware data point that consumers pay close attention to. The Stone P10 Pro has upgraded its suction power to 7000Pa, resulting in a stronger cleaning effect, especially when dealing with dry debris.

Particularly effective in addressing dust and debris in areas such as carpets and floor crevices, the high suction power allows it to thoroughly clean in one pass. The main brush of the P10 Pro uses a full rubber material, with TPU material that is more wear-resistant, longer-lasting, and designed to reduce cleaning resistance effectively. The floating and movable module of the main brush ensures that it adheres closely to the ground, enhancing its cleaning efficiency, especially when dealing with challenging tasks like hair, thanks to its Archimedean spiral design that prevents tangling.

In terms of side brushes, the P10 Pro dynamically adjusts its speed to 330 revolutions per minute when along walls, adapting to obstacles or changes in the environment. This design prevents the issue of debris being scattered at continuous high speeds.

Nowadays, robotic vacuum cleaners are not limited to floor sweeping, as more products are equipped with mopping capabilities. However, the cleaning results of mopping vary among products. How does the Stone P10 Pro perform in mopping?

The P10 Pro uses a Shunzhi antimicrobial mop, with a triple-layer thick design that enhances its ability to absorb stains. While strengthening the mop’s cleaning ability, it also supports 30-level water adjustment and has modes such as fine wiping and deep slow dragging, meeting users’ demands for floor mopping.

Moreover, Stone Technology has added a hot water washing function to the P10 Pro, with adjustable temperatures reaching up to 60°C. This design improves its cleaning ability, especially in areas with stubborn grease like kitchens. For users, this means stronger stain removal capabilities and prevention of odors and bacteria growth.

Additionally, the P10 Pro has a dirt detection module built into the base station. After each cleaning cycle, it emits light to assess its own level of dirtiness. This serves two purposes: first, it determines the degree of floor soiling based on the murkiness of the mop water and automatically performs another mopping if necessary; second, it assesses whether the cloth is clean, enabling intelligent rewashing of heavily soiled cloths.

To enhance the cleaning capabilities, the P10 Pro also employs a dynamic mechanical arm edge dragging. In simple terms, the mop section can retract, providing better cleaning ability in areas with corners such as walls and table legs. This feature is not limited to edge areas; it can also proactively extend near the base station, achieving true full coverage.

In practical experience, when dealing with edge areas like corners, it can indeed proactively extend for cleaning, with a proximity to edges less than 2mm. In terms of cleaning effectiveness, it can handle dust in most corner and perimeter areas.

Instant Smart Experience with a Voice Command

In the smart robotic vacuum industry, the term “smart” in its name indicates that users are not only concerned about its cleaning capabilities but also its intelligence, mainly driven by technology. Among these, the iterative improvement of navigation technology is the key to enhancing the performance of robotic vacuum products.

Therefore, for mainstream robotic vacuum cleaners on the market today, the first step in cleaning is to use its intelligent “brain” for map creation. The P10 Pro employs structured light + RGB visual modules for rapid mapping of the home environment.

In terms of obstacle avoidance ability, thanks to AI dynamic obstacle avoidance technology, its obstacle avoidance ability has been further improved, with the ability to recognize up to 20 categories and 62 types of objects.

In practical experience, when faced with household items such as wires and power strips, it can accurately identify and mark them on the app’s map, preventing collisions and damage during the cleaning process. Additionally, it annotates carpet areas on different floor surfaces.

Quick mapping and obstacle avoidance are just a manifestation of its intelligence. When dealing with different scenarios, it has different cleaning plans. For example, when dealing with carpeted areas, it can lift the mop actively to avoid wetting the carpet, eliminating the hassle of secondary cleaning.

Moreover, its intelligence is evident in voice interaction. In addition to basic commands like start/stop, status check, and location, it can also perform summoned cleaning by locating the sound source, covering an area of 1.5 * 1.5 meters. Furthermore, it supports quick command settings in the app, providing advanced control over the product.

In practical experience, it can also interact with weather, time, translation, intelligent Q&A, and more. Even in an offline state, it can perform related functions, making it more user-friendly for the elderly and children with virtually no learning curve, requiring only a simple command.

Additionally, it supports video call functionality, elevating the Stone P10 Pro beyond the stereotype of a “cleaning tool” and making it appear more intelligent.

Aesthetic and Durable All-in-One Base Station

Today, the base station of robotic vacuum cleaners is no longer just a charging dock. For current robotic vacuum cleaners, the strength of the base station directly affects the user experience. For the Stone P10 Pro, its performance in the experience process is comprehensive and efficient, not only capable of automatically rewashing the mop but also featuring automatic drying, dust collection, and other functions. The automatic dual air duct drying, temperature protection, and other multiple functions truly liberate users’ “hands.”

While ensuring the comprehensive capabilities of the base station, the P10 Pro adopts an overall white design, with a clear water tank and a dirty water bucket on the top for users to observe water levels at any time. Below is the main standstill area, with a circular design for the main unit, equipped with a mop, side brush, and rolling brush at the bottom.

In the market, robotic vacuum cleaner products have their respective focuses, and prices vary. Currently, the Stone P10 Pro addresses all consumer pain points, balancing overall performance. Compared to vacuum cleaners and floor washers, it can free up hands, and its carpet cleaning ability is excellent. Compared to products in the same category, it offers better pricing and stronger performance. It can be said that the Stone P10 Pro is truly the cost-effective king.


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