Merkury Smart Bulb

How to Use Merkury Smart Bulb

Merkury Smart Bulb
Merkury Smart Bulb

A smart light bulb functions in the same way as a normal light bulb. The ability to operate smart lightbulbs remotely is, however, a significant benefit. You may operate them remotely after they are connected through Bluetooth or your home’s wifi connection. They’re simple to set up and operate. Let’s face it, using a voice command to turn on your lights beats fumbling about in the dark looking for a light switch any day!

Many people’s first exposure to the automated high-tech world of smart home technologies is via smart bulbs. They’re a fantastic way to get started with smart technology since they’re so simple to set up and use.

The Merkury Smart Bulb is an A21 bulb, not an A19 bulb, which is the most important point to make. This indicates that it is larger and has a brighter color than A19 bulbs. The color-changing LED light works with smart assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana for voice control, but not with Apple HomeKit.

It works via the Geeni app, which includes security measures like two-factor authentication. You may change the color, saturation, and brightness of the bulb using the app. The software has scene and scheduling tools that perform effectively. The bulb does not need a hub, but it does require a 2.4 GHz internet connection, as do the majority of others. Merkury is a good option if you require a large, bright smart bulb.

Merkury smart lights, for the most part, work well. However, knowing how to reset these bulbs is useful on occasion.

The procedure of resetting a Merkury smart bulb is straightforward. In most cases, a factory reset is as simple as turning the bulb off and on at 1-2 second intervals.

Why Would I Need a Factory Reset on a Merkury Smart Bulb?

After you’ve set up smart bulbs, they usually work without a hitch. When linked to a home network, you can control the lights using Google Nest or Alexa. Most smart lights may also be controlled through a smartphone app. You may need to reset a Merkury smart bulb for a variety of reasons. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Electrical power outage
  • Electricity flashes on and off.
  • Loss of connection

By blinking, the bulb typically indicates that there has been a disturbance. It may begin flashing quickly off and on. It will sometimes flash more slowly.

Steps for Resetting the Merkury Smart Bulb

  • Step 1: Install the bulb and switch on the power. The light should begin flashing at a rate of about two times per second.
  • Step 2: Switch the light on and off three times. The bulb should now be in “Easy Mode.” The app will try to connect to the smart bulb in this mode.
  • Step 3: Turn on your device and launch the app. Verify that the light is rapidly blinking. In the upper right-hand corner of the app, click the “+” sign. After that, choose “smart lighting.”
  • Step 4: The light must be blinking rapidly in order to connect. This is your signal that it’s ready for connection. If it isn’t, turn it off and on three times more until it begins to flash rapidly. Then choose “Yes, it’s blinking quickly.”

In ap mode, you may also reset the light. The light should be blinking slowly to accomplish this. Select the light you wish to reset when the app opens. Then double-check that it’s blinking slowly. Select “Smart lighting” from the + in the top right-hand corner. Select “AP Mode.” After that, click “Next” and input your Wi-Fi information. Connect your reset light according to the instructions.

Setting up Your Merkury Smart Bulb

It’s important to keep your smart bulb upright to guarantee it keeps working properly. You shouldn’t have to perform a factory reset very frequently after you’ve made sure everything is set up properly. The steps to set up the smart bulb are as follows.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. You must first create an account and then log in to the app.
  3. Reset the bulb by plugging it in and following the procedures outlined above.
  4. Check to see whether the light is flashing quickly. This is how it lets you know it’s ready to connect.
  5. Enter your wi-fi network username and password once you’ve established an internet connection.
  6. The app should attempt to establish a connection with the device.

Tips for Resetting Merkury Smart Bulbs

For most light sockets, smart bulbs will operate. If the fixture does not have a basic on/off switch, you may not be able to reset the bulb. Factory resets are not possible with 3-way dimming lights, multi-function switches, or rotary dimmers. What if you don’t have a light fixture with a 1-click on/off switch? The device should then be plugged into a power strip with an on/off switch. A light that can be connected to an outlet may also be used. The smart bulb may then be reset by plugging and unplugging it in a certain sequence.

How to Reconnect Merkury Smart Bulb to Alexa

Now, because you had to reset your smart bulb, it is most likely no longer connected to your Alexa app and will need to be reset. Fortunately, it just takes a minute.

To begin, open your Amazon Alexa app and choose “Add device” from the “+” sign in the top right-hand corner.

Select “Light,” then “Geeni,” and lastly, “Discover Devices” under “All Devices.”

Alexa will connect to your Merkury Smart Bulb and do its magic!

How To Reconnect Merkury Smart Bulb to Google Home

Similarly, you’ll need to reconnect your Merkury smart light to your Google Home device once you reset it.

To do so, launch the Google Home app and choose the Gear icon in the Settings section. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Works with Google.”

You may either scroll down till you locate Geeni or search for “Genni” from here. Select “Reconnect your account” and enter your Geeni account login information.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve purchased a Merkury smart bulb, you’ll need to know how to correctly set it up, use it, and reset it when necessary. Turning the light off and on is the first step in resetting a smart bulb. If the bulb is flashing, flickering, or not functioning correctly, it’s an easy fix.

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