Best Thermostat for Home in 2020

Technology brings convenience to people’s lives, which are reflected in a more energy-efficient and comfortable home environment. In the past few years, smart home equipment has gradually entered people’s lives and brought substantial changes. Thermostat is one of them. It can control the switch of the HVAC system according to the temperature change of the home environment to achieve the ideal temperature and energy saving effect; and, combined with wireless technology, it can also be remotely controlled to provide a comfortable environment before going home.

Below we will share some valuable thermostats for home.


 Nest Learning ThermostatEcobeeHoneywell Home T9Johnson ControlEmoson Sensi
Function 4.5 4.5 4 4 4.5
Energe Saving 4 4.5 4 4 4
Appearance 4.5 4.5 4 4.5 4
Feature 4 4.5 4.5 4 4
Voice ControlGoogle Assistant and AlexaGoogle Assistant and AlexaGoogle Assistant and AlexaGoogle Assistant and AlexaGoogle Assistant and Alexa
APP Nest Ecobee Honeywell Johnson Emoson
Recomendation  High   
Price238249144 149


Nest Learning Thermostat


Honeywell Home T9

Johnson Control

Emoson Sensi

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest is a brand of Google, has a high reputation, and the device interface is simple


Energy saving: Use the Nest thermostat to heat and set it to 62 degrees or lower. There will always be a leaf icon. Use this gadget to cool the home and adjust the thermostat to 84 degrees or higher.

Preference learning:

Appearance: round shape, a variety of color options, the material is more compatible with industrial style design

Electric Fence:

Control method: Rotation control

Power supply: independent battery power supply when power is off

Multiple accounts can be connected to the thermostat

Nest provides a feature that is very effective for homes with heat pumps and auxiliary heating. Known as a heat pump balance, it allows you to choose how much auxiliary heat to use, which is quite convenient because this heating option can be expensive.

The Nest thermostat can also combine the efficiency of the heat pump, current weather conditions, weather forecast data and the activation of the heat pump balance function, relying on the data to determine the best auxiliary heat usage.


The Nest only determines the ambient temperature to adjust the heating or cooling.



Built-in Alexa voice control:

An independent sensor can be connected to control the room temperature more accurately

Control method: use touch screen to adjust temperature

Ecobee4 can recognize when there is ventilation equipment in the home and use cool outdoor temperature when appropriate to reduce dependence on home air conditioning. In homes equipped with dehumidifiers, Ecobee4 can adjust indoor humidity to prevent frost in cold weather and high humidity indoor environments

Adjust indoor temperature and humidity in combination with external weather


The color is only black.

Only one account can connect to the thermostat.

Honeywell Home T9

The device focuses on more about convenience and energy saving. There is a touch screen for control, all functions are operated on the screen.


There is a vocation mode, which can save energy.

Add Smart Room Sensors to focus the temperature on multiple rooms for comfort where it matters to you. (Sensors sold separately).

Support Alexa, Google

Smart alarm, and also provide Monthly Energy Report.


A certain programming ability is required, and a temperature adjustment plan is set in advance.

The appearance is more like an industrial product, and it does not particularly match the modern decoration style

Without making full use of the screen display, the display content is relatively simple, which is the current temperature. Its a very large display that shows only one thing. The current temperature.

Johnson Control


The device can monitor and report indoor and outdoor air quality, it includes total VOCs and equivalent CO2 sensors.

Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

With an OLED touch screen, a technological appearance

Emoson sensi

Easy INSTALLation : Use the built-in level, illuminated easy-click terminals and step-by-step app instructions for a quick installation. Skip any extra work painting or patching the wall thanks to the standard thermostat size.

SMART HOME COMPATIBLE: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings smart home platforms.

USAGE REPORTS: Monitor current day and historical heating, cooling and fan runtimes right in the app.

CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Remotely control using the Sensi mobile app

SMART ALERTS: Sensi features smart alerts to help detect extreme temperature and humidity levels in your home.

CIRCULATING FAN: Air circulation may improve indoor air quality by helping to regulate temperature and prevent buildup of particles and mold.

Color display


The device can’t use a schedule and geofencing.

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