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The Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera is worth taking a look at if you’re searching for an economical method to keep a watch on what’s happening inside your house. The Mi camera, which costs $39.99, provides motion detection signals and captures motion events locally, eliminating the need to subscribe for cloud storage.

The security camera from Xiaomi is included in their smart home range of products. Apart from making excellent smartphones, Xiaomi also offers a large selection of ecosystem and smart home devices that are both inexpensive and effective. Is the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera worth your buck? Here’s what we discovered:

Design And Performance

The Mi Home Security Camera is a dome-style CCTV camera that is manufactured of sturdy plastic. The security camera can simply revolve 360 degrees horizontally and around 96 degrees vertically. The microSD card slot is buried behind the main body and is only exposed when the camera is raised vertically.

The speaker unit features a grill design on the rear of the camera. A reset button is located next to the power input slot, and the security camera’s base contains a slot for wall installation. In the packaging, Xiaomi includes a mounting bracket. On a table or wall, the camera may be mounted upright or inverted. The matte surface virtually merges in with the walls, giving the impression that it is a part of the wall itself.

When it comes to security cameras, the Mi Home Security Camera boasts a sturdy build quality that is uncommon. Xiaomi’s security camera, without exception, wins in the design aspect since it is simple and without protruding sensors and light.

The surveillance camera also has eight infrared illuminators, which let the camera’s f/2.1 aperture collect more light, resulting in dazzling photos and videos that seem like midday. Another nice benefit of this technology is that when the lights go off, the camera automatically switches to night vision.

This 360-degree camera can record in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution, and the images and videos it captures are typically detailed. When the camera turns to night vision, there is some noise in the video, but it’s little and can be overlooked.

The camera can also sense motion and transmit notifications directly to your phone. This motion detection function captures a 10-second video recording of the sensors being activated. This is one of the security camera’s distinguishing characteristics.

On the Mi Home app, the camera’s control interface is rather straightforward. It displays live footage and provides a D-pad for movement control. The software gives you complete control over the camera’s features, including adjusting the frame, recording the scene, video recording, and making a phone conversation through the talkback functionality, among others.


The Mi Home Security Camera 360-degree is ideal for customers who want an extra layer of security when they are away from their houses. We agree that there are many alternatives on the market, but what sets the Mi Home security camera apart is how simple it is to use. It does not need a high level of technical knowledge to operate.

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