Most Popular Smart Light Bulb in 2021

Smart bulbs are very low-cost hardware for trying smart homes. The price is relatively simple. Today, I will introduce the smart bulb as a whole.


Adjustable light color

The light adjustment is more abundant, and we can adjust the color of the light as we want. Very suitable as ambient light.

how to use

The operation mode of each bulb is different, and the connection mode of each bulb is different. Let’s introduce the common way.

Control by voice

Some manufacturers, such as Heelight, can be directly controlled by sound. After we install the App, the App controls the color of the light by sound, which is very convenient to use.

Control via WiFi

Some light bulbs can be directly connected to WiFi, so that after you install the App, you can remotely control it. However, if you connect directly through the network, there may be network risks. In addition, it is also affected by the server of the lamp manufacturer. For example, the server of Xiaomi is in China, and there will be a delay in use outside of China.

Control via Bluetooth

Some smart bulbs can use Bluetooth, but there are fewer such bulbs now.

Connect via zigbee, you connect to zigbee control

Most smart bulbs can be connected via ZigBee, but because our mobile phones do not support ZigBee, we need a Zigbee hub to connect.

Through the platform

If we have a lot of smart hardware, then we need to consider how to control all products. There are three common Google Assistants, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. If you prepare multiple smart devices, you need to pay attention.

Hardware extension

Rely on Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa platform, for example, add a photoelectric sensor, so that you can sense that when you wake up in the middle of the night, you can automatically turn on the light.

Light bulbs still need to be concerned about


The number of lumens represents the brightness of the bulb. At present, smart bulbs have different control ranges. Please purchase on demand.

Color temperature range

The controllable color temperature range of different smart bulbs is different, so you need to pay attention when buying.

Power consumption

The power consumption of the smart bulb is divided into two parts, one is the power consumption of the light, and the other is the power consumption of the communication module. When the light is off, it still consumes power. This requires attention.


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