2021 Amazon publish three new products!

On February 17, Amazon launched a new Day One Editions Project, called Build It. Day One Editions Project focuses on limited-volume manufacturing to gain relevant feedback after customers purchase new devices, while Built It products will be only produced if enough Amazon customers register their interest through pre-orders.

Amazon is kicking off the Built it Project with three different products, and one of them is an Alexa cuckoo clock

Built It Project

It seems that Amazon has already equipped all possible devices for its voice assistant, but there’s always room for more Alexa devices. This cuckoo clock, as it’s officially called a, is a proof of that. In addition to the Smart Cuckoo Clock, the inaugural round of Build It contains Smart Nutrition Scale and Sticky Note Printer.

The concept of Built It is very straightforward, and Amazon kicks off the pre-orders of these three products today. All three products will be available to pre-order for the next 30 days, and if they meet the pre-set goals in that window, Amazon will then produce them. If one product doesn’t reach the pre-order goal, it won’t be manufactured. In addition, all products that meet their goals will be shipped between July 2021 and September 2021.

Specifically, all three of these products need to meet their goals by March 19th, 2021 at 12:00 (midnight). Customers won’t be charged before shipment, and they can cancel such pre-orders at any time.

It is understood that the Smart Cuckoo Clock comes with 60 LEDs, a pop-out cuckoo bird, and a removable pendulum. It can be sat on a shelf instead of only mounted on the wall. It functions the same way any Alexa-powered clock would, which allows users to set timers, alarms or reminders. What’s the unique function is that users can acquire the full cuckoo clock experience. It is learned that the Smart Cuckoo Clock costs $79.99.


Smart Nutrition Scale functions like other food scales, but it also features some extra features. Thanks to the Alexa-connected scale, Amazon users can gain nutrition information involving thousands of ingredients and food based on their weight to track more precise calorie. Finally, Sticky Note Printer adopts thermal technology (not ink or toner) to print sticky notes. Users can pre-order b with $34.99, and Sticky Note Printer is the most expensive at $89.99.

Smart Nutrition Scale
Smart Sticky Note Printer

Place your pre-orders on Amazon if you have a great interest.


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